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Cancer Golf Charity Fund Raiser Event 2017
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Happy International Women's Day

by Lisa Smith-Maxam on 03/08/17

As a female business owner, it is important that we are recognized for our intelligence. We are still being over looked for many corporate C-level positions. We, as women, need to stand up and be not only heard, but acknowledged for our brilliant minds and not our bodies. 
We have great ideas, solutions to issues, resolutions to problems, stand our ground when we need to be tough and compassionate when you just need to chat. We have compassion, know how to relate to individuals and yes, even shed a tear or two when needed, because we are not embarrassed or ashamed to show our feelings. This does not mean that we need to move to the side for others, but rather work together in order to be stronger together. 
It has been said that women do not belong in the boardroom.....but yet it is women that are turned to in order to deal with so many urgent and important issues. So as much as things are changing and we are being seen in the boardroom much more often, it is not enough. Respect gets respect in life.

We, as women are in many ways stronger than given credit for, as it is women that carry a child for 9 months, give birth, run a household (in many cases), work and provide the empathy and/or sympathy when it is appropriate. 

YES we have a soft side and it is that soft side that makes us great mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, Sisters, Girlfriends, Lovers and Wives. It is that soft side that many turn to at the end of the day to vent and ask our opinions of situations. Regardless if that is for business or personal life, we are in many cases your voice of reason. 

So, please remember if not for us women, how would so many cope with every day life? It takes two to reproduce and to be a team (yes, it only takes 2 to make a team) and get through so much as one....regardless if in business or personal life, together we conquer and divided we fall.....we need each other so stop pretending you can do without women, as we know you need us just as much as we need you. 

In light of International Womens Day....we are offering a 30% discount on ALL services for today only.....Have a great day!

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May 31, 2017 
Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Royal Ashburn Golf Club, Whitby, ON
refreshments will be served, door prize, 50/50 draw and a thank you gift for all that attend.
We will announce how we are going to help the youth that are unemployed, under employed, disabled and new comers within the Durham Region Area. We have spoken to 99% of the Mayors, MPP's and MP's within the Durham Region and we have all of them agreeing with what we have to offer. We also have majority of the Colleges and Universities as well.....come on out and here how all this is going to be done and the role you are being asked to play. You have nothing to loose, except some great networking!