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HomeAbout UsServices and ProgramsPartnersNews or Reviews

Welcome To Training and Staffing Youth Resources of Canada
TSYR Canada is a not for profit organization that bridges the transitional training, educational gaps for youth by directly contributing to the development of youth through designing, supporting and implementing youth initiatives, programs and projects. The organization strives to get the voice of youth heard, and acts as a platform for advocacy on social, integration, economic and cultural youth needs.

Develop lasting change for todays youth, disabled and newcomers in tomorrows workforce. Providing creative development opportunities and becoming the Durham Region youth research and data hub.

TSYR Canada envisions Durham Region and beyond as a place where youth have opportunities to fulfill their potential as leaders in society and as active participants in the integration, economic, social and cultural life of their communities.
Providing effective and efficient program delivery for client services
Building strategic alliances to address youth preparedness to employment 
Enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience between children, adolescents and youth in Durham Region.
Provide opportunities for youth to participate in the economy either by enhancing their employability for their integration into the labor market or through the establishment of new businesses.
Foster partnership between private-sector, government, and international stakeholders towards the creation of opportunities for youth.
To network and coordinate with other organizations and groups interested in democracy and community development at the local, regional, and international level.
To participate in the development of Durham Region

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****Welcome to the New TSYR Canada site! Soon this site will be deleted. TSR Canada has been changed to TSYR Canada. We are now a NOT FOR PROFIT organization!****